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Cataract Surgery

Operation To Remove A Cataract — Cataract Surgery in Phoenix, AZ
A cataract is a cloudy area that occurs in the lens of the eye. Because cataracts are a normal part of aging, all men and women are at risk for them. In fact, about half of all Americans over age 65 have cataracts or have already had surgery to remove them. Dr. Eisner brings expertise and innovative, sight-restoring technology to the process of cataract surgery.

Dr. Eisner has over 30 years of experience as a cataract/implant surgeon and continues to incorporate the latest advances into his surgical procedures. Staying at the forefront of modern cataract surgery has enabled Dr. Eisner to provide the best surgical outcomes possible for his patients. With this simple outpatient procedure, your cataract is removed and a state-of-the-art lens is implanted to restore your vision. Dr. Eisner will let you know if you're a candidate for a multi-focal implant or an implant that corrects astigmatism that in many cases can help patients see clearly at all distances without glasses. There is minimal recovery time with Dr. Eisner's cataract surgery, and most patients can return to their normal activities the next day. And you'll feel confident knowing that Dr. Eisner has performed thousands of successful cataract surgeries.

Diabetic Eye Disease

If you have diabetes, you are at increased risk for retinal problems. This disease damages blood vessels in the retina, which is the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye. As the disease progresses, these vessels leak, causing swelling of the retina and vision loss. Thankfully, Dr. Eisner has extensive experience in diabetic retinal disease. He uses the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint diabetic eye disease in its early stages, when there are no outward symptoms. If surgery is needed, you're in good hands with Dr. Eisner. For those diabetic patients with more serious retinal complications requiring ocular surgical intervention, Dr. Eisner has allied himself with retinal eye specialists specifically trained to treat all aspects of advanced diabetic eye disease.


Say Goodbye to Irritated, Tearing or Dry Eyes

Irritated, tearing or dry eyes can be a very uncomfortable sensation. Symptoms include eyes that burn or feel gritty, itchy or sticky. Having dry eyes also makes you more sensitive to environmental changes, such as the dry Arizona air, wind, poor air quality, low humidity and automobile or indoor air conditioning. Dr. Eisner has made the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes one of the cornerstones of his practice.

If Dr. Eisner determines that you have dry eyes, he will develop a treatment program for your condition based on your individual needs. His treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications, medical eyedrops (artificial tears) and topical medications. Dr. Eisner also offers punctal plugs, which are inserted into your tear ducts to help to stop the drainage of tears.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve, which is the part of the eye that carries the images we see from the eye to the brain. Glaucoma occurs when fluid buildup in the eye causes excessive intraocular pressure. Many patients are not aware they have glaucoma until they suffer a loss of vision, which is why regular eye exams are so important. Although many people fear this potentially sight-damaging condition, early diagnosis and treatment can help maintain your vision for a lifetime.

If glaucoma is detected during your eye exam with Dr. Eisner, he will outline a treatment plan that may include medical management, pressure-reducing eyedrops or advanced laser treatment. For more advanced cases of glaucoma, you will be referred to a board-certified and fellowship- trained ophthalmologist who specializes in glaucoma surgery.
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